How Do I Accept Card Payments

Accept card payments

We can help you set up a merchant account and choose a payment method for your business. Just ask us and we will hook you up. email to apply for a merchant id, payment method and account today. Call or text on 07796242029.

I will give you a quick run down on how it works, what you need and what it may cost. (also see article on contract vs non contract terminals case study on mobile card payments)

You will require 3 basics things depending on what type of business or types of payments you receive.

  1.  a merchant id
  2.  a terminal, payment machine or gateway
  3.  a bank account
Merchant ID

Its pretty simple really. What you will need is a merchant ID, which is basically like a bank account number. This is to enable the bank who processes your card payments to identify you and charge in order to accept card payments.

Terminal, Machine or Gateway

This is basically the way in which you will take a payment either with a chip and pin terminal, an automatic payment machine or a payment gateway. This will act as a portal or method to accept card payments. You can choose which is ideal for your business with a bit of help from Richard here @ RBMCS.

Bank Account

Well when you get paid by someones card you need your own bank account to accept card payments processed by the merchant bank.

The merchant bank recognizes the payment through your merchant ID on your terminal for example, processes it and then pays you. Job done, services rendered, goods sold and hey presto, you are paid.


A typical account set up for a small store for example may require the following.

  1. Chip & Pin Terminal Lease
  2. PCI management fees
  3. Debit and credit card transaction processing rates
The first 2 can be as little as £5 per week to start taking payments.

The processing rates are added onto the bill every month, so as long as you get the best rates out there, it doesn’t matter what your standing charges are.

All of the small no contract terminals out there will cost you much more in processing rates, than not paying for a lease. Their transaction rates are really expensive. They are only cost effective if your card turnover is really low.

How do I accept card payments? Call Richard on 07796242029 or email for more details and to apply today.

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