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low transaction rates for business payments
Low Transaction Rates Compare your Statement

Low transaction rates for merchant card payment services without the loss of customer service, support and functionality. email or call 07796242029.

Some people think switching takes time and money, ‘it isn’t worth the hassle’….Low transaction rates are definitely worth your consideration.

If Sky TV said they would discount your monthly bill by £30 if you just used their new remote control, you would literally snap there arms off. Wow £360 a year! I can often save your business much more than this. Low transaction rates are our specialty.

So why are we too lazy to go to the filing cabinet and have a look at what your business is being charged by your current provider. This is your business, your livelihood!

The application takes 15 minutes and you can receive a live service in up to 4 days or sooner. There is no downtime.

Find your statement and call us in for a no hassle chat 0808 284 9693. You can also send it to and he will provide a statement health check to make sure you are not being charged anything you shouldn’t be and then provide a comparison. Lets apply some low transaction rates today.

For many years many of the leading banks have over charged merchants when processing your credit and debit card payments. They don’t have low transaction rates. The banks have had it too good for too long. They don’t supply cheap card transactions and rely on familiarity rather than economy for their customers.

A number of smaller companies were set up to compete with these prices in order to provide an alternative to traditionally slow and expensive banks.

We use the same acquiring banks to process the transactions but we are smaller and more agile to compete with the prices from the big boys. You are going to receive a more personalized service to boot.

Lots of business’ believe that they get a great deal with the bank they do there day to day banking with. Very often we hear these statements.

‘…its all tied up with the bank’

‘…you couldn’t possibly beat the rates I negotiated.’

Your card payments do not need to be tied up with your day to day banking. There are rarely any benefits and I literally surprise customers every day when I mention our low transaction rates.

When you compare your current statement to what we can charge over any month, quite often your jaw will drop. Savings of £20-£300 per month are easily achievable, this can mean in the thousands of pounds per year.

The higher the turnover, the higher the saving. No matter what the saving it probably will mean you could book a weekend away or a nice holiday with the savings.

See here on how to work out your card processing rates.

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