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Virtual Terminal

MOTO stands for mail order, telephone order card payments. A superb and cost effective way to take payment over the phone, from your personal device, for products or services via a virtual terminal. Contact now or call 07796242029.

It is a payment ‘virtual terminal’ or basically a web portal giving access to you and your staff.

You can take payments on your computer but not only that. Any mobile device and so can anyone in your office. With this multi user virtual terminal facility,  even through several locations, if you have satellite sites, offices or branches elsewhere, you can take a payment at source.

Set security levels for different users and avoid Card Holder Not Present charges.

No long contracts and lower standing charges make this a really flexible way of taking virtual terminal card payments for your business.

Case Study – Sullivans Solicitors has five offices dotted around the country all taking card payments. Each time they receive a payment for services and consultations each office notes down the customers card details and rings it through to head office.

At head office each operator has to huddle around a single chip & pin terminal, so that they could take a single payment. Each payment also attracts a ‘cardholder not present charge’ which can be a more expensive transaction.

It is time consuming, expensive and probably not really compliant with the PCI or payment card industry standards. Sensitive financial card details are noted down and then run the risk of  not disposed of securely.

The solution was introducing MOTO. Now each payment is taken quickly and securely through a virtual terminal or web portal MOTO system. Each Separate branch can logon anytime from any computer or mobile device, without the need to ring it through. Even several users at head office can accept a payment without getting up from their desk. Refunds can only be administered by 2 users as they set up administration levels on the system. They have saved a fortune in transaction processing, terminal charges and indeed time.

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