Creative Media

RBMCS now offer some creative media services to visualize your products, premises and staff.

email to inquire now about our creative media.

See below for more details on our creative media.

  • social media portraits
  • staff portraits
  • shopping cart product images
  • premises and space photography
  • photo editing for your collection
  • bespoke stock photography/banners for your website
  • basic video and film production


With an in house photography and video production service, we are able to offer a basic but effective service on a budget.

It is designed  for  businesses and individuals who need a spot of help without the gigantic budget.

There are some great design and marketing companies out there who no doubt offer a great service with some superb production facilities and equipment but these can come at a price. We are able to provide a basic service without the overheads and running costs hence we are able to provide this creative media at a fraction of the price.

Creative media underpins a companies exposure to the world and its customers. It represents everything you do, it can be fun, happy, sad, somber, precise, professional, whatever the mood you wish to portray. It can be designed to represent your products and services, be they funky, fine or free! We can guide you through ‘your needs’ with a basic consultation on your requirements. This will enable us to formulate a style unique to your company and what it represents.

Have you though of releasing something on you tube. Maybe you just need a load of old photographs scanning, editing and filing for future preservation.

See below for some basic pricing on all of our creative media services.

Ring Richard on 07796242029 to discuss your needs now.




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