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Mobile card payment terminals no contract vs. contract?

take mobile card payments on the move

Mobile card payments are a superb way to develop your business. No matter whether you are a business with staff out on the road or a one person outfit. Take payments quickly and easily without marching your happy customer to a cash point. But think carefully about what you are paying. Processing rates can be extortionate if you don’t make a sound business decision.

Mobile Card Payments = Job done – get paid, read for more details or call Richard free now on 07796242029 or email

No Contract vs. Contract = 41% saving with a contract (see workings out below*)

Don’t wait for an invoice to be paid and you can forget the days when you returned home waiting for a bank transfer to arrive and nothing comes for a week! People can still pay cash but for those who don’t this is the reality. Get your mobile payment terminal now, already equipped with a roaming sim card and no call charges to process payments.

Mobile card payments are ideal payment facilities for the following.

  • mobile hairdresser
  • car tyre fitter
  • mobile mechanic
  • plumber
  • electrician
  • installer
  • window cleaner
  • handy man
  • cleaner
  • same day courier
  • roadside cafe

If your turnover out in the field is more than £2-3000 per month one of the popular ‘no contract’ payment terminals that plug into your phone or an ‘app gateway’ become too expensive.

Yes your right, there are no standing charges but the % percentage rate will more than double and even treble a traditional card terminal rental in its high percentage rates alone.

Card transaction rates north of 2.5% from these no contract facilities will begin to ramp up and the perceived convenience is no longer its unique selling point. Mobile card payments offer an alternative to these rates when you rent a terminal. See below for a simple comparison.

For example lets say you turnover £3000 at an average of £50 per transaction = 60 transactions.

Phone payment plug in or app @ 2.65% – £3000 turnover = £79.50 in processing charges. Simple and convenient with no contract and no terminal rental, or is it.

*Compare this to a mobile payment terminal with a contract.

Rental – £23 + card processing charges (debit card + 1p per transaction) @ .7% = £21 + auth fee 0.0385p x 60 transactions = £2.31p (plus 60p if debit card, so on that month you would have been charged £46.91p at the most!

No Contract – £79.50p

Contract – £46.91p

Saving – 41% saving. (what are you waiting for)

This is £32.59 saved every month which is £391.08p per year!!! By not entering into a contract this is what you are losing every month just because the simpler version looks more attractive. If your turnover is higher the savings are higher.

I’ve used this as a worst case scenario because in actual fact our debit card rate can go much lower than .7% and if it is a contactless payment you are not charged the authorization fee either. The saving can be jaw dropping over the most popular no contract payment facilities. The one we all know who im talking about and everybody uses actually charge more than 2.65%.

So what are you waiting for email me today to compare your actual bill or just order one of our terminals. The higher the turn over the greater the savings.

*(these figures are real savings and are worked out using a real business to end user scenario for consumer debit and credit card payments which amount to more than 98% of B2C card payments for small business – I’ll prove it on your bill)

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