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sum-up-terminalFar be it from me to make fun of those less fortunate than ourselves but here we seem to have someone who has really taken card payments to a new level. Be ready for any payment because you never know when its going to be your last!

Click on the picture to order your mobile no contract terminal now, or click here. Be ready for any payment.

Look, this guy is fully mobile and ready for any payment in whatever form is available to him.

So stop marching your customers to a cash point, its prehistoric! Yes everybody loves cash but increasingly the world is turning to electronic payments, mobile payments and flexible payment services. This guy in the video probably raises more cash for his family by adding this service to his portfolio and hey, he may have just washed this ladies windows and may not be a beggar… First impressions and all that.

You’ve got to admire this guy, he has really invested in his business future. He knows not everyone carries cash… call for more details or click on sum up link below for a fully mobile, flexible and no contract terminal for a lot less than you think.


The Sum Up terminal has the following feature and is probable cheaper to run than the one the guy in the video has!

  1. no contract
  2. low 1.95% fee on all transactions
  3. no standing charges
  4. free delivery
  5. free phone app add payments and run reports
  6. Pay As You Go
  7. joins your mobile device via bluetooth
  8. looks great
  9. fits in your pocket

Just click on the link above to order yours, no need for a long and painful application for a merchant id just order and get yours asap. Its ideal if you are a mobile installer, beauty therapist, plumber, electrician, shop, cafe or just someone who needs payment for services completed.

Be ready for any payment, call now for details or just click on the link to order yours now. 07796242029

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